Tiki: Tiki Painter / David Lozeau

David Lozeau (pronounced Low-zo) paintings could be considered strange, but the bold lines, unique characters, and quirky details make his art a standout. In the span of six years, he has shown his paintings in dozens of galleries on three continents, collaborated with Disney and Harley-Davidson, won multiple awards at fine art exhibitions, and been featured in countless magazines and three hardcover books.

DLo grew up in rural New Hampshire and earned an graphic art degree. For seven years after graduation, he ignored his paints and focused solely on his career, working commercially in print, Web, and video production before eventually moving to Southern California and reawakening his long-dormant artistic side.

Day of the Dead, hot rod, tattoo, zombie, and tiki imagery began to dominate Lozeau's work. Oils gave way to a unique cartoon cel style of layering 1 Shot Lettering Enamel on top of gouache and acrylics. And of course, no surface was off limits, as he experimented with painting atop a variety of found items, from thrift store artifacts to surfboards to violins to vintage car parts.

Today, you can view David's unique art in a number of galleries or see him live painting at a variety of EVENT or in Balboa Park where he is a member of the artist guild at the SPANISH VILLIAGE ART CENTER. He lives in San Diego, CA with his girlfriend and two unruly Boxers who are always getting into his paints.

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