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Carver Scott Knight

Scott Knight As a child i was always facinated with carving and as soon as i was old enough to own a good knife i began to carve small crude wooden figures of birds and fish or people.
I have always loved scrimshaw and the delicate bone carvings of the south seas that still inspire my art today. I learned scrimshaw as a child and would scratch simple pictures on pieces of antler.
It was in 1994 that i began to make my own knives. I read an account of how James Bowie had an old pirate blacksmith make him his now famous knife from a horse hoof rasp. With the help of a friend we built our first knife following the patern described in the book.
I was hooked from then on and have made knives ever since, i now make knives of all shapes and sizes for a wide range of people from all over the world. I make all the parts my self starting with the blade, usualy i use old file blades or scrap farm machine blades. I then use the finest materials available to make the handles and sheathes. I source all my materials carefuly and use only antique recycled ivory or fossil ivory for my works.

To me a knife should be more than just a wedge of metal viewed as a weapon or just another tool. A knife should be the perfect blend of animal, vegetable and mineral, it should be the paragon of form and function, balanced and tuned, made with all the care and respect it deserves as with any other instrument, it should fit the soul it was made for and in this way in the right hands it can be played sweetly with ease and comfort to provide a life times faithful service.
I like to get to know the soul who has chosen me to form thier knife, i like to talk to them a while and try to get a picture of thier lives, thier loves, thier history and their essence, this way i can form each knife to suit this person so it fits them and can live at thier side for the rest of their days before it is finaly passed to the next generation to carry the memories and stories of the previous owners.
I make knives in all shapes and sizes from tiny fully functional sheathknife pendants to big full length file bowie knives. I also make jade knives, these are popular with people who want a more votive symbolic knife although they are sharp and fully functional blades.
I also make a wide range of carved art and jewelery from natural materials like wood, bone, stone and ivory as well as any matals i can find. I like to make pieces that carry a story even if it is never told.

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