Tiki: Tiki Painter / Tiki Topes

Mark "Tiki Topes" Thompson

Topes, as Mark is know to the Hotrod art circuit, is also a fringe
TIKI artist.
Living in Michigan (near Detroit) doesn't allow much Island exsposure,
so Mark does his best to combine what he knows, Hotrods, Sci-fi n TIKI
into a sorta Mass up of styles.
His work is sold as originals, and prints thru his website and FB.
He spends many weekends doing Car n Hotrod shows around the North.

His collectors come from the Hawaiian Islands to the Ukraine, Selling
prints from the UK to New Jersey!
Mark has been a freelance illustrator for most his life, and has done
work for Clients ranging from Disney, Hasbro, to Mattel, and at home ,
for the Detroit Tigers, and Lincoln Mercury.
His art is available thru his website:

Mark would like to thank the Tiki Queen, Thor, Ken, Toe, and all the
other Tiki artist that have inspired along the way! MAHALO

Contact info:
Mark Thompson
FB: Marktikiman (Mark Thompson)

Mahalo Mark ;)

by SV