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Born in 1967, in the small country town of Salem, Ohio, Doug DoRr has been drawing since the age of 7. His mother recalls, ”He would carry a pencil everywhere he went and if he couldn’t find any paper he would draw on rocks, wood… anything he could find!” To this day he still draws on napkins in restaurants just like he has done since he was a little boy. After graduating in 1985 he joned the U.S. Navy where he quickly became the ships artist painting cartoons on the ships office doors and then joined the U.S. Military Boxing team from 1988 to 1992.

His biggest influence was his father George Dorr (1941-1989), a custom car builder/diemaker for the Chevy plant in Lordstown, Ohio. His father was published in many auto magazines during the early 80’s and late 80’s. As a child, while at car shows with his dad, DoRr remembers watching and helping his dad build custom cars, watching Ed Roth, Von Dutch and others pinstripe cars, drawing monsters etc. and loved the entire scene.

“I have always digged on Ed Roths and Franco’s monstery style of art and always looked up to them”. Franco walked over to my booth and gave me compliments on my Kool-Tools. Von Franco called me the “Dutch of Tools”. Then Bob Spina walked over to my booth and complimented me. After a long conversation with Bob, he said “Hell! If you can paint those little tools in that much detail you can pinstripe! Go buy a brush, I wanna see you pinstriping at the next show”.

“From there on I started to teach myself how to pinstripe… non-stop… everyday! I did try to stripe a long time ago, but gave up. I got very frustrated! I needed a push and that shove, coming from Bob Spina, Von Franco, and Jimmy C was what I needed! He’s been pinstriping officially since 2003, but painting since the age of around 7 years old. Ironically, like his mentors and friends,the name “DoRr” is a very well known name / artist/ Kustom Kulture artist/pinstriper throughout the world and is proud of it!


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