Tiki: Tiki Painter / Jon P Mooers

Jon P. Mooers  was Born and raised in Amesbury, Massachusetts - He has always pursued his love of art and painting.  As a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, he received a dual degree in business administration and studio art.  Both his life experiences and artistic achievements have influenced his painting style which immerses the viewer in color and depth.

He once heard somewhere that you re-create yourself every 7 years. More specifically people tend to change jobs or careers every 5 - 7 years. He think as a committed artist, this has been proven completely true in his life. He has been employed as a bartender, waiter, a hotel manager, a graphic artist, a scenic artist, an art director, a dj, a restaurant owner, a chef and most recently a "struggling" artist.

In the late '80s that 7 year itch hit him hard. He was employed in marketing for a cabaret style concert venue in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, and moonlighting every evening as a bartender - to "pay the bills";  but as it always does, his creative drive was calling for more in his life. He decided their had to be something he could do in Hollywood,.... Movies. Countless others have ventured to Hollywood to make their mark and countless more will in years to come, but in 1989, he packed up his stuff and drove away from southern New Hampshire in a rented U-haul. He did have a moment of sanity and decided he would back door his way in to Hollywood via Orlando Florida! Huh?
Actually it was a smart move - you see they were building Universal Studios Florida at the time, and he figured they must need creative people in the process. Sure enough his theory proved correct and shortly, he found himself employed as a scenic artist at the newly constructed theme park. It took artists like himself to turn the new construction across the park and movie backlot to give it that look of realism, that look that it had always been there. Our team painted everything from rocks, to rust, to faux bird droppings! ...

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