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Ron Takahashi

Not everyone needs a stick to get around, but a lot of us like sticks, nonetheless, even if it's just to carry one.  Did you know that a cane can relieve as much as a quarter of your body weight from your legs?  Think about how much easier it will be to get around, not to mention the relief you'll feel in your feet, legs and back.  Canes also make it a lot easier to maintain your balance and that makes you more secure on your feet.  In centuries past, the cane was carried as a fashion accessory and not just an orthopedic device or aid.  In some instances, canes were also carried as a means of personal protection against wild animals, including the human kind.

There are many reasons why people use walking sticks, not the least of which, because it's "cool."  Whether it's a natural stick just found in the woods or off the trail, a hiking staff purchased at an outdoor store, or an artfully decorated stick with carvings or paintings on it, a walking stick will give you support and help you maintain your balance on uneven terrain.  So get yourself a stick and start walking even it's just down your street, around your block or neighborhood, or perhaps your local park.

Walking should be fun for all and more than just a mode of transportation.  It's been proven to be a great form of exercise and a most effective way to stay healthy, maintain muscle tone and youthful vigor.

Carry Sticks aka Swagger Sticks

Okay, so what is a carry stick?  Well, it's just a term I coined for a stick you carry, like a baton, a riding crop or a swagger stick.  It's just something to have and to hold when you take your stroll.  If it's long enough, you can lean on it.  You can use it to keep aggressive animals at bay or to rustle the brush to check for snakes, or bugs, if you're walking off trail, but, most of all because they are so nice.  See what a great conversation piece a nicely carved or decorated stick becomes.

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Mahalo Ron Takahashi ;)