Tiki: Tiki Book / Eric T Hansen

Eric T. Hansen, Hawaiians and studied Anglistik and then switched to linguistics. Two years later he came to the Ludwig- Maximilians University in Munich. He worked many years as an English-language teacher and translator. Together with his co-author Astrid Ule he now writes a humorous non-fiction, as Forbetter your English.

The title and the blurb promise a lot: leam English while also having fun yet? This book really works for you. The reader is not disappointed. I was and still am, thrilled. When I heard about my school days, the only word of English, a cold shiver ran down my back and I saw myself sitting in a crowded room, where as I only understood a word again. If my teacher at that time nearly so loose and have fun, especially as Eric T. Hansen, I could now probably perfect English.

Forbetter your English is not just a book, which is the grossest error discharged with an almost incredible lightness of our heads, it is also a book that takes one’s fear of a foreign language. Especially great I think that Eric T. Hansen has bothered to mention English and German examples to show the reader that, on both sides, “heavy”.

I had to smile so often because there are so many things we take for granted and find so easy and it cannot understand why Englishmen or Americans to have their problems. Also be explained to most interesting and amusing case studies, as would, for example his girlfriend, who snaps out on the fifth or sixth day with his parents, because they constantly told her: YOU ARE WELCOME...


Mahalo Eric ;)

by SV