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My name is Joel Havea, a singer/songwriter from Australia. I’m a musician who is especially taken with the traditional way of song writing, seen back in the good old days. It is this music that has always been with me and has therefore affected the way I write. The sort of music I write, is the sort of music I love, and it is this same passion that led me to record the Album that I proudly present to you today. This Album is a 100% self-made, self-financed production and if doing this bestows some enjoyable musical moments on you, then it was more than worth it.

But now let me introduce myself to you: I was born in 1982 on the tropical island of Tonga, yet was raised in Melbourne, the music and cultural capital of Australia. I discovered my love for music early on, but didn’t start playing live until my late teens, mainly as part of an acoustic duo with my brother. Known as the ‘Havea Brothers’ we had a strong local following and played around many of the cities top live music venues for many years. If you now take a look at my guitar, you can see it went through a lot!

In 2008, I hit the road and fulfilled a dream: embarking on a world trip, playing music throughout South-East Asia and Europe and finally ended up in London, broke and freezing cold, at the end of the year. This trip was an amazing experience and was a big source of inspiration for the songs on my record. So, I decided to stay in Europe to reconnect with my European heritage, and landed in Berlin in early 2009. Six months later, the path led to Hamburg, and it was there in 2010 that I met my producer, Achille Fonkam (Ayo, Nneka, Liebe Minou, etc.). Together we worked on honing my sound, using the great backlog of songs  I had written over the years, and also collaborating together on new ideas. The result is my debut Album “You make me believe” that will independently be released in January 2012, on Fonkam Records.

As a Singer/Songwriter I wish to bring back an old school approach to song writing. No fancy gimmicks, just good songs, strong melodies and a simple message. My inspiration comes from a wide range of styles, from soul and pop, to roots and reggae, naturally with my own acoustic touch and an emphasis on harmony and groove. However, I think it is best not to put it in a box, a better option would be to catch one of my live performances and make your own opinion…

For more info please visit Joel Havea Website